Civil Liberties Monitoring Project – founded in Miranda 1983, Garberville-based since 1985, website offline since mid-2016.

Edith Butler – environmental activist interviews and organization records | paper, audio and video.
Douglas Fir – community, environmental, peace and economic justice records | paper and photos.
Scott Holmquist – So. Humboldt hippie-related activism and culture records | digital, audio, video and paper.
David Katz – founder of Alternative Energy Engineering.
Jane Lapiner – Human Nature theater company director, choreographer.
Jerry Martien – poet, author and teacher.
Fred Radloff – writer, filmmaker, actor and radio host.
Joani Rose – actor, songwriter and director of Mateel Community Center-based Recycled Youth theater program.
Jared Rossman – political organizer, including Forest Forever; Garberville, Town Square; Spray Campaign.
Richard Salzman – Anti-Recall campaign director for Humboldt DA, Paul Gallegos; Arcata Free Speech Lawsuit.
David Simpson – Mattole Restoration Council founder, co-producer, playwright Human Nature theater company.
Robert "Woods" Sutherland – EPIC co-founder and current HUMMAP director.
Robie Tenerio – Southern Humboldt community leader and peace activist.

ACORN Alliance
Ancient Forest International
Campaign for Economic Democracy (CED) – early 1980s, compiled by Edie Butler and Maggie Gainer.
Environmental Protection Information Center – Early records courtesy of founder Robert "Woods" Sutherland.
Human Nature – theater company.
Humboldt Watershed Council – video collection.
Mattole Restoration Council
Recycled Youth – annual Mateel CC theater program co-written with performers since 1997.
United Stand! – Humboldt (ca. 1978 - 2000)

Fred Bauer - with Scott Holmquist (SH)
Robert Cogen - Cannabis defense attorney 1970s - '90s – with Edith Butler (EB) and separately Dominic Corva
Bill Devall - EarthFirst! Arcata 1980s – with EB
Allan Katz - with SH
David Katz - see above – with SH
Susie Van Kirk - with EB
Jane Lapiner – see above - with SH
Tim McKay - with EB
Fred Radloff - see above – with SH
David Simpson - see above – with SH
Dan Taranto - United Stand! Humboldt – with SH
Robie Teronio - EPIC, ACORN, others 1970s - '90s – with SH
Lucille Vinyard - with EB