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BONNIE BLACKBERRY, CLMP, & Humboldt Co. 2nd District Supervisor CLIF CLENDENENposted: Dec 17, 2009
DEC. 2, 2009, WED. 7 PM, CIVIL LIBERTIES HOUR, KMUD RADIO (KMUD STUDIO w/ call-ins, recorded by KMUD Engineer) Transcribed by Suzelle (CLMP).
Read transcript.
KMUD interview with DIRK VOSSposted: Dec 12, 2009
KMUD News reporter, Cynthia Elkins speaks with Dirk Voss, President of the Code Enforcement Officials Association.
Read transcript.
SPECIAL RADIO SHOW!posted: Dec 7, 2009
Tune in Wednesday, Dec 9th at 7pm for a special talk show about the just released proposals and options for Humboldt County Code Enforcement and the upcoming Planning Commission Meeting in Redway.
The time has come, after a year and a half the County is making it's move in redefining the Code Enforcement Unit on Tuesday December 15th in Eureka at the Board of Supervisors meeting. If you have interest or concerns, now is the time to be informed and have your voice heard.
On the Wednesday talk show we will be discussing various aspects of the code enforcement proposals as well as issues related to the long awaited Planning Commission meeting happening here in Redway on December 17th, just two days after the Code Enforcement issue at the Board of Supes.
Mark your calendars for these important dates , Tuesday December 15th Eureka and Thursday Dec. 17th, 6pm Redway School.
Board of Supervisors - CODE ENFORCEMENT UNIT(CEU) - OPTIONSposted: Dec 7, 2009
Supes agenda item for the Dec 1st Board meeting. Click here.

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